PRSC Range Safety Seminar

Effective 2022, all PRSC Members who wish to independently access and use the Virtue Flat Range must first attend the Club's Range Safety Seminar.

This Seminar is a one-time requirement.

The requirement was announced by newsletter January 8, 2022 and again by mass email on January 30.

As of April 19, the Club has conducted ten Seminar sessions. More more than 90% of our Members have already attended.

The next scheduled Seminar date is September 20 at 7PM at the Clubhouse at 2690 Broadway in Baker City. Preregistration is required.

Presently, the Club is scheduling new Seminar sessions according to demand.

If you'd like a sooner date, call Club Secretary David Spaugh at 541-519-7417 to have your name added to the call list. When ten Members request a sooner date, we will schedule one.

To preregister for the September session, call Spaugh or send email to info@prsportsmen.com.

The Seminar is for individual paid members only. No guests.

If you live more than one hour's drive from Baker City, call Spaugh to inquire about other options.

The Club's guest policies have not changed.
A Member who has paid dues and completed the Seminar will continue to be able to bring guests to the range, but Members must be present with their guests at all times.
No Member is authorized or permitted to provide the range gate combination or unsupervised range access to any person.

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