New faces are always welcome!

All matches except the annual Club Championship are open to the public.

Match Directors & Range Safety Officers have full authority over the entire range and all persons at the range during scheduled matches.

The Range is Closed to other uses for the scheduled duration of all Matches.

  • Annual Club Championship Match
    Club Members only.  Check October calendar for date.  9AM to 1PM.  $10 fee.  Course of Fire:
    Pistol - 5 shots standing (one-handed) at 25 yards & 5 shots sitting (two-handed) at 50 yards, NRA Bullseye target, any centerfire pistol with iron sights.
    Rifle - 5 shots standing offhand and 5 shots sitting at 200 yards at life-size deer target, using any legal deer rifle with iron sights or scope set at 8x or less.
    Shotgun - 20 shots at clay birds thrown from 2 traps to simulate hunting situations. Any legal shotgun may be used.
    Challenging but FUN! Come out and take your crack at bragging rights for the next year!
    Contact: Buck Buckner (541) 519-8750.

  • USPSA Practical Pistol
    4th Sundays March thru October, 8AM to 1PM, register at 8AM, shooting starts at 9AM.
    Some matches in some years land on different dates, always check the calendar before traveling.
    $15 adults, $10 juniors; first match is free.
    All stages are run by NROI Certified Range Officers.
    Contact: Phil O'Connell 208-850-1313.

  • Steel Varmint
    On Sundays April thru September, 9AM to 1PM, register and setup at 9AM, shooting starts at 10AM.
    Check the calendar for dates.  $10 match fee
    Any centerfire rifle, any sights, any rest. Rifle and gear must be carried to the line in one trip without use of a sled or cart.
    Magnum cartridges are prohibited.
    No bullets with steel or ferrous jacket or core or composite.
    Match Policy: each shooter shall be fined $10 per new bullet hole made in any steel target.
    Course of fire: Prone,
    5 shots at 200 meters at steel squirrel,
    5 shots at 300 meters at steel rabbit,
    5 shots at 385 meters at steel rockchuck,
    5 shots at 500 meters at steel coyote.
    Time limit of 5 minutes per stage: 2 optional sighters at center gong and then 5 shots for record at each stage
    Helpful hint: 55gr bullets often fail to topple the 500m Coyotes; use 68gr or heavier.
    Contact: Ken Bardizian 541-519-6772.

  • Cowboy Action
    2nd Saturdays, April - October, 8AM-1PM, register at 8:30, shooting starts at 9AM.
    The July match is a 3-day Regional Event.
    $10 match fee.  SA Revolvers, LA rifles, DBBL or Mod 97 shotguns.
    Period Western or "B movie" dress is encouraged!
    Contact: Chuck Buchanan 541-519-8550 or Dan McGuire 541-212-5840.

  • 1000 Yard Benchrest Open Rifle
    1st Saturdays, May thru June, setup & registration at 9AM, shooting starts at 10AM.
    June match starts one hour earlier.
    $8 per rifle + $2 per addt'l string fired; $2 to keep a target.
    Any rifle with any sights, unlimited sighters for up to 10 minutes, then 5 shots for record within 7 minutes.
    This is a relaxed shoot, novices and experts alike are welcome.
    Club Record is 3", Casey MacDonald, 2015. Prior was Gary Paananen 3.125, 50-3X", 2009. Contact: Steve Simons 541-805-8030.

  • 3-GUN
    Currently inactive.  If you'd like to conduct a 3-Gun match, come to a meeting to discuss dates and available equipment & assistance.

  • Service Rifle Match
    Information: Buck Buckner 541-519-8750.  Sunday, July 10, 8:30AM. ENTRY FEE: $10.
    Firearm: Any battle rifle placed into service before or during the Korean War.  Rifles must be used in as issued condition with iron sights only. SKS semi-autos will be allowed. This is the match to bring your old Springfield, Krag, Enfield, Mauser, Swede or M-1 to.
    Stage 1: 2 sighters and 8 shots for record prone-slow fire.
    Stage 2: 8 shots kneeling - slow fire.
    Stage 3: 8 shots offhand - slow fire.
    Stage 4: 9 shots seated - timed fire (70 seconds).
    Stage 5: 9 shots prone - timed fire (70 seconds).
    Timed-fire stages start from the standing position.
    All shooting will be at 200 yards on the old 5-V target.

  • 1911 Dismounted Qualification Course Match
    U.S. Cavalry course used in the 1930's. Information: Buck Buckner 541-519-8750.
    Sunday, August 28th 1:30 PM after USPSA. ENTRY FEE: $10.
    Firearm: Model 1911 Pistol in 45acp.
    COURSE OF FIRE: (one-handed fire only):
    10 shots slow fire at 25yd bullseye (10 shots in 10 min.)
    10 shots time fire at 15yd bullseye (5 shots in 20 seconds, twice).
    10 shots rapid fire at 15yd bullseye (5 shots in 10 second, twice).
    15 shots on moveable silhouette target at 25yd (5 shot strings, 15 seconds each).

  • High Power Sporting Rifle
    Check calendar for dates.  $12 fee. 
    Legal rifle: Any center-fire rifle capable of holding 4 rounds & weighing 9.5lbs or less including sights.
    Course of fire = NRA High-Power Sporting Rifle Match, 200-yard, standard high-power bullseye targets:
    Prone - 2 sighters plus 8 shots for record within 10 minutes.
    Standing - 8 shots for record within 8 minutes.
    Sitting - 8 shots for record in two 4-shot strings, 30 seconds each.
    Prone - 8 shots for record in two 4-shot strings, 30 seconds each.
    Contact: Vic Savage 541-523-4462.

  • Thanksgiving Family-Fun Turkey Shoot
    Check November calendar for date.  Entry fee - $3 per event, six shooters per relay.
    Lucky 22 Event - fire a .22 rifle at a blank page at 10-yards. The page has a numbered grid printed on the back, and the winner is the lucky shooter who hits the highest number.
    50-yard Chickens - shooters fire one shot at each of 5 chicken silhouettes at 50 yards. The winner is the shooter with the most downed chickens. Use any centerfire pistol.
    Running Deer Event - a lifesize deer target travels along a cable suspended over the range. Using any legal centerfire deer rifle, shooters fire two shots at the deer before it stops running. The shooter with the high score is the winner.
    200-yard Turkey Heads - prone shooters fire 3 shots at 200-yard Turkey Head silhouettes using any centerfire rifle. The winner is the shooter who fells the most silhouettes.
    Prize: $10 per relay.  This event is great fun for the whole family. Depending on attendance levels, separate youth and women's relays are established for each event.


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