Range Rules

1. Keep entrance gates closed at all times.

2. Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.

3. Keep firearms unloaded until ready to shoot.

4. Know where others are at all times.

5. During times when the range has not been reserved for a group activity or scheduled match, range priority is determined by time of arrival at the range:  First arrived = first right of use.  Always observe and use the Range Use Indicator at the entrance.

6. Do not fire from any range until you have read the Range Priority and Restrictions page below.

7. Do not use bottles or glass for targets.

8. Clean up after firing. Use trash receptacles or pack your trash out.

9. DO NOT share the gate combination with non-members. It ALWAYS leads to vandalism.

10. Eye and ear protection is strongly recommended, and required for all minors.

Failure to comply with rules may result in termination of membership.

Range Priority and Restrictions

Range Priority governs all actions at the shooting range. Priority is determined first by the Club Calendar, and then by the time of day at which parties arrive and commence use of the range (ie begin shooting or setting up to shoot).

Always check the online Club Calendar (www.prsportsmen.com) before planning a trip to the range.

In the absence of marked events on the Calendar, earliest arrival/use = highest priority. Always check the entire range before commencing use to determine whether you have priority and whether your intended use is safe.

The main Rifle Range consists of a Target Pit and Shooting Berms located at 200, 300, 600, and 1000 yards west of the Target Pit. The Direction of Fire is observably northeast.

The Pistol Range is located at the northeastern end of the range, consisting of 11 Pistol Bays plus a Covered Bench area allowing rifle fire to 125 yards. General Direction of Fire spans northwest to northeast. Pistol Bay Direction of Fire may span from southeast to west only during Scheduled Matches. Removable Slide Rails at the Covered Bench area prevent cattle from damaging the shed and benches, so be sure to re-install these rails before leaving.

No new firing position may be established in any location generally west or east of a pre-existing active position.

Any firing position established on the Rifle Range at a location west of the 200 yard Shooting Berm prevents all other range use.

No matches will be scheduled simultaneously in the Pistol Bays 1-9 and any other range location.

During scheduled matches on the Rifle Range, no firing is permitted in Pistol Bays 1-9.

During scheduled matches in Pistol Bays 1-9, no firing is permitted on the Rifle Range and no person may access Rifle Range locations east (downrange) of the 200-yard Shooting Berm.

When no matches are scheduled, simultaneous informal use of the Pistol Range and the portion of the Rifle Range east of the 200 yard Berm only is permitted, but Pistol Bay fire shall be northeast or north or northwest only; NOT east or southeast.

Do not fire rifles at the plate rack in the Pistol Bays.

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