Range Rules

  1. Keep the range entrance gates closed. Always lock the gate when you leave.
  2. Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Keep firearms unloaded until ready to shoot.
  4. Know where other persons are at all times.
  5. DO NOT fire from the 1000, 600 or 300-yard berms until you have physically checked all facilities and determined that no other persons are on ANY part of the range east of your intended firing position.
  6. Do not use glass items for targets. Do not fire any rifle at the Plate Rack in the pistol bays.
  7. Clean up after firing. If you packed it in, then please pack it out.
  8. To prevent livestock damage, always re-install the wooden rails after using the covered shooting area on the Pistol Range.
  9. Do not share any PRSC lock combination with any person.
  10. Eye and ear protection is strongly recommended, and required for all minors.
  11. PRSC Memberships are Individual. Each Member must complete the PRSC Range Safety Seminar before receiving authorization to independently access and use the Virtue Flat Range.
    Seminar Video: www.prsportsmen.com/seminar.html
Failure to comply with rules can result in termination of membership.

PRSC Range Priority

Some parts of the Virtue Flat Range cannot be used simultaneously.

Range Priority is the system we use to determine which event or group has priority over other groups when multiple parties use the range at the same time. Range Priority creates a safe range.

Range Priority is established first by the Club Calendar, and then by time of arrival and position.

All Calendar Events at the range have priority over unscheduled uses. The Director for each Calendar Event has full authority over the entire range for the time period specified on the Calendar.

For all other times, earlier arrival has priority over later arrival, and earlier position has priority over later position.

Before firing, always physically check the entire range to determine whether you have priority and whether your intended use is safe.

No person shall travel downrange of any active firing position.

The Direction of Fire on the Rifle Range is observably northeast. See map.

No firing position shall be established at any location west or east of any scheduled or pre-established active position on the Rifle Range.

The Pistol Range includes all facilities located north of the Rifle Range in the area of the 300-Yard Firing Berm. See map.

The Pistol Range can be used at the same time as the 200-Yard Rifle Range, and vice versa.

The Pistol Range CANNOT be used or accessed when a firing position has been established on the Rifle Range at any point west of the 200-Yard Firing Berm.

No firing position can be established on any part of the Rifle Range west of the 200-Yard Firing Berm when any person is on any part of the Pistol Range.

The Direction of Fire on the Pistol Range spans northwest to northeast.

The Direction of Fire in Pistol Bays is from bay-entry to rear berm only.

During scheduled matches only, the Direction of Fire within Pistol Bays may span the Practical Discipline 180° arc.

No Matches shall be scheduled simultaneously in Pistol Bays 1-9 and any other range location.

During Scheduled Matches on the 200 Yard Rifle Range, no firing is permitted in Pistol Bays 1-9.

During Scheduled Matches in Pistol Bays 1-9, no firing is permitted anywhere on the Rifle Range and no person shall access Rifle Range locations east of the 200-yard Firing Line.

If you have questions about any PRSC rule or policy, call a Club Officer for clarification.

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