Measure 114

M114 will have no impact on crime, but it will have an extreme impact on YOU.

Oregon doesn't need another gun control law that infringes on the rights of law-abiding citizens but does nothing to actually prevent crime.

Criminals will not care about 114. They will not obey it. They will continue buying whatever they want from street dealers.

You cannot prevent crime by restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens.


To help oppose M114, PRSC bought 650 signs and 20 banners, and shipped most of them to allies on the westside. Scroll down to see the signs we bought.

Click HERE to see photos of our signs planted all over the state.

Club officers are working with other organizations to buy more signs. If you'd like to donate, call or text or email Secretary David Spaugh at 541-519-7417 or info@prsportsmen.com.

If you live in central or western Oregon and you can organize a few friends to distribute and place signs in your community, let's talk.

What is Measure 114?

If M114 passes, you cannot buy or borrow a gun unless you have a permit. To get the permit, you have to first:
  1. Have a gun,
  2. pay an unknown and unregulated registration fee for a special class,
  3. use the gun to complete the special class,
  4. and then apply for government permission to have a permit to get a gun.
To apply for the permit, you have to pay a fee, pass a background check, submit to fingerprinting, and submit to a photograph.

The Permit Agent has the arbitrary power to say no. The agent can refuse your permit if the agent thinks your past behavior or your psychological state suggest that you may be a danger to yourself or others. That's actually what it says. See M114 Section 4(1)(b)(C).

If you succeed in getting a permit, you still have to pay for a background check and transfer fee every time you buy a gun, and you have to renew the permit every five years.

You can't get the permit without a gun, and you can't get a gun without the permit.

The cost for the special class and permit application will be at least $300. This is economic discrimination against low-income citizens.

M114 creates complex new program requirements for local and state law enforcement agencies, but does not create funding to pay for those programs. M114 will take cops off the beat.

The full text of Meaure 114 is available HERE.

When criminals want to buy drugs or a gun, they just do it.
They don't go to a pharmacy or a gun dealer.
They steal to get money to buy what they want, and then they buy it on the street.

M114 means does not create a single problem for any criminal, but it creates huge problems and headaches for law-abiding citizens.

Measure 114 is unconstitutional
If it passes, it will get overturned within 4 years.
The whole thing is a complete waste of time and money.

Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) is the statewide leader in opposing Measure 114.
You really need to go to their website and donate ten bucks.
They need the cash to keep doing what they are doing, which is much more than anyone else is doing.

To win in politics, you need to be able to put aside minor differences and unite in support of shared goals. If you can't do that, you will continue to LOSE!

3'x5' Banner:

18"x24" lawn sign with wire stand:

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